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Accessories for our Exhibit Rentals

Please visit our custom exhibit rental websites to view the full range of our offerings. DoubleDeckExhibitRentals focuses on that category. ImageDesignExhibitRentals provides the full range of our turnkey offerings, from 10x10 and larger.

In addition to our rollout of new turnkey exhibit rental designs for 2021-2, we've expanded our accessories options. Also new this year is a gallery of Designs we Love.

Accessory Categories


Meeting sets, bistro sets, conference tables, sofas, loveseats, theatre seating. Check out our wide range of options.


Workstations come in all shapes and sizes and perform different functions. The most common type includes a monitor above a mouse so you can play a demo or browse a website. See our options


Where relationships start, deals are made and friendships rekindled. Arguably the most important spot in the booth. Check out our line of counters. 

Monitors, Media players and Mounts

Always tested and ready to go. If you use our media players, just bring your USB.